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One thing we need when emerging from the current crisis is a gleaming LinkedIn Profile. No matter if you have been furloughed or worked normally, we know that more commercial activity will take place online and our web-presence is more important than ever.

And what better place to start than at the beginning: your profile page masthead. The Background Image.

Now LinkedIn has a default. It looks like a 1960’s linoleum pattern. Neat, tidy even but frankly Meh! Faced with the prospect of putting up a background many people go for the personal approach. A nice landscape picture taken on holiday. Or something snatched from the web. But this isn’t enough, your background image has a commercial job to do: it supports your message.

Your background image provides context to both your headshot and your profile. Getting it wrong is the equivalent of turning up to a cocktail party in fancy dress. It looks out of place and does nothing for your credibility. A good background should aesthetically match your headshot and provide visual signifiers that enable anyone scanning you profile to understand what you do, who you are and decide to connect within a fraction of a second.

A few examples.

Browse our background collection.

We have a selection of LinkedIn Backgrounds for you to choose from. Each image is optimised for LinkedIn, so you can be sure they will make you look your best.

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