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With clients as diverse as Facebook, Chanel and Western Union and from small start ups to individual business people, we always have a good corporate headshots to share. It does not matter how big your organisation: we always take time to understand each individual’s character, creating portraits that send the right message.

This approach has been very successful: we are currently ranked No1 on Trustpilot for Corporate Headshots and I believe we have more 5 star reviews on Google than any other photographer. Here are a selection of images that we really like:

LinkedIn Headshot Corporate Headshots


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Corporate Headshots

It is a worrying truth that your LinkedIn Headshot will make the difference between success or failure in today’s jobs market.

When this year’s graduates hit an increasingly competitive jobs market they will be armed to make the most of opportunities offered. Social media savvy and technically literate, they know the value of good LinkedIn photos. According to Talent Works 87% of recruiters used LinkedIn in 2017. Today the number is likely nearer 100%.

Today’s graduates understand that the LinkedIn Headshot is the single most important element on the profile: it is the first impression. And first impressions matter. The headshot communicates on an emotional level. It tells the viewer how friendly, senior, talented, intelligent the subject is. It also sets the tone for the rest of the profile. And if it isn’t right, there is a great danger that the recruiter will simply click to the next candidate.

The professional headshot and written profile have to be coherent. Put simply: a banker has to look like a banker. Take a look at your colleagues and professional peers. What do their profiles communicate? How are they dressed? What body-language is being used? Has the image been constructed to create a certain mood?

LinkedIn Headshot

LinkedIn headshots are a visual c.v.

Most people feel uncomfortable when talking about their successes and talent. It feels like boasting and it’s something many of us shy away from. However, the one place where personal marketing is allowed is the job market: your c.v. should be crammed full of your successes, strengths, qualifications and experience. And your profile picture is another element of the c.v. Perhaps the most important element. Humans have been hard-wired to make visual appraisals. It is a survival instinct: if the stranger doesn’t look right, then better to steer clear. These visual judgements are made subconsciously all the time: in a split second.

So the recruiter won’t know why they have a bad feeling about you, they just have an impression that something isn’t right. It is therefore really important that your headshot matches the role and seniority you are targeting.

Professional Portraits

Can your headshot make you look more competent?

The short answer is yes and research done at Princeton University confirms this is the case. Understanding how lighting, posture and expression compliment each other to build a complete picture is critical if you are going to successfully send the right message to your target audience. So analyse who you are trying to impress, what is likely to create a good impression: warmth and friendliness or hard-nosed professionalism. Very often it is a subtle mixture of the two, so construct your headshot to make sure you get the balance just right.

A make up artist is highly recommended. Whether your appearance is to be sharp, smart and businesslike or charmingly casual, a make up artist ensures your look matches the desired style. Clients often arrive at the studio, on location or set after a hectic round of meetings. The city might be humid, windy, dusty and public transport can play havoc with hair. A few moments with a make up artist will allow you to relax, prepare for the shoot and go onto set confident. And that confidence shines through the eyes.

LinkedIn Headshot

Mark Grey is a professional portrait photographer whose clients include global corporations, celebrities, entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Grey Corporate Headshots London
71-75 Shelton St, Holborn, London WC2H 9JQ
07764 801420
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Make your Staff Headshot day a success

You have just been given the task of organising staff headshots. Sounds straightforward enough (and it is). But as with all things involving people, making sure the day goes smoothly requires organisation. So here is a simple management checklist that ensures you ask the right questions, create the right brief, hire the right photographer and get a set of images that everyone is happy with.

How long does a corporate headshot take?

Realistically anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes is needed for each person.  Your objectives determine the length of each individual session (and therefore, how many staff can have their headshot completed in a day). A headshot is a stylised portrait. It

Corporate Headshots

Length of headshot session depends on your objectives.

should communicate your organisation’s brand values. For senior, customer-facing staff, the process should be more considered, individuals given time to work with the photographer to get the right pose and expression. Junior staff, whose image may only be used for internal communications, can get a perfectly  presentable image within 10 minutes.

Where should the shoot take place?

Many companies have a meeting room or boardroom that can be converted into a studio for the day. But, as with ‘how long’, your location is dependent on your objectives. If you wish to convey an impression of a dynamic, creative office, it is worth considering headshots taken in an office setting. If your office location is important, headshots taken outside with a city backdrop may be an option. You also need to consider consistency. Location headshots look great but if your first photo shoot takes place in June and the second in December, your photographer may not be able to maintain the same look and feel in your images. You might also consider the shoot at the photographers’ studio. Provided the location is central and convenient, it may be an opportunity to get geographically dispersed teams together for team building, planning and the photoshoot itself.

Makeup Artist?

Professional headshots London

Some staff find headshot day intimidating. Often it is an unwanted interruption in a busy schedule. Executives can find themselves rushed on set, thinking of actions from their last meeting and trying to prepare for the next. Add a humid, dusty city and cramped public transport and your staff can feel uncomfortable in front of camera.

A makeup artist doesn’t simply ensure grooming is just right, they allow a few moments of calm, where the subject can relax and become centred. There is time to chat about the shoot: what they should expect and most importantly, what message does the individual wish to communicate in the headshot.

Subjects: men as well as women, benefit from 5-10 minutes with a good makeup Artist: they relax and go onto set knowing hair is perfect, shine is reduced and any redness removed.

It creates confidence and that confidence shines out through the eyes. It is for that simple reason that we always recommend a Make Up Artist. And we always provide it as a costed option.


How to co-ordinate diaries?

Corporate Headshots

A green screen gives you the option of a standard office background.

One of the biggest headaches is choosing a day when everyone is in the office. We recognise that this is an almost impossible task. Even on the day, client

meetings and sickness can mean one or two last-minute absences. Which is why we always offer complimentary studio shoots for staff who cannot make the main event. If you have opted for a studio style background, we can create exactly the same conditions: making sure that images are consistent. We also have a ‘green-screen’ option so staff can be superimposed on your office (or city backdrop) location.

Knowing you can complete the shoot at the studio gives you m much more flexibility: opening up more potential dates and keeping everyone onside.

Ongoing Support?

You should expect good support immediately after the shoot: clean images prepared for selection and retouching done in a timely manner. But there is also support required throughout the year. Staff change: old friends leave and new colleagues join. Many organisations have an out of date ‘our people’ page with blank spaces and ‘awaiting images’ messages. This is because companies wait until they have several staff needing headshots before they book another day or morning’s photo shoot. This is where photographers with permanent city centre studios are at an advantage: new joiners book a shoot in the studio as part of the induction process. So your website is never out of date.

Maintaining consistency is also vitally important (you will win points from the marketing department if you achieve this). We take care to document each client’s shoot so that images are consistent, no matter where or when they are taken. And the team travels to different locations. For some of our international clients, we create the same studio conditions: whether that be in London, Zurich or Geneva.

LinkedIn Headshots London

LinkedIn Headshots: How the new format effects you.

You may have noticed some subtle changes to your LinkedIn profile. Changes you may have had little or no control over.

The old, regular, square format profile picture has been updated to a new snazzy circular one. The only problem is: what looks good square may not look good with a circular crop.

The examples to the right tell the whole story: the top is way too close, you get the impression of someone peering through a porthole. The second is too far away (and not very businesslike) and the third is just badly positioned. But all is not lost: it’s an opportunity to get a great new image!

The circular format has a lot going for it: the main advantage is that, done right, attention is focussed firmly on you.

But the smaller format requires tighter control than before. It is a lot less forgiving and if your profile picture was just about OK in the old format, your headshot won’t perform well with the new treatment.

First backgrounds: fussy confusing backgrounds found on company away-day pictures or (even worse, wedding shots) are distracting: very distracting. So go for a neutral colour. If you do have an environmental portrait, make sure the background is either out of focus or inconspicuous. You don’t want to be competing for attention with your surroundings.

Secondly, quality: The new LinkedIn Headshot is unforgiving. If quality is poor your headshot will look out-of-focus or just ‘muddy’. And no one wants to look like a smudged second-hand insurance salesperson!

Third, engagement: You may have got away with the wistful, out-of-the-box, visionary stare when there was more real-estate to play with. In the new format, not looking directly at your viewer just appears odd. Keep the visionary leader pose for memes, your LinkedIn Headshot needs to look confidently at your audience.

Finally, Context: LinkedIn have done something rather smart. They’ve enabled you to add a background picture to your profile.

It’s a great opportunity to get some free branding and personal marketing.

Profile pictures that compliment the background image are incredibly powerful: they increase visibility exponentially.

So make sure your corporate headshot works with your whole LinkedIn profile. After all, with customers and employers all using LinkedIn, it is something you need to get right!

Mark Grey is a portrait specialist working with clients from Charles Taylor to PwC.

His studio is in Covent Garden, a stone’s throw from the tube station. Contact for more information or to get your own headshots Click Here.

How to make a Great LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn Headshot is just the start!

Here are 6 great tips from a leading personal branding professional.

Video courtesy of Linda Raynier, subscribe to her YouTube Channel Or visit her website for resume advice.

Authentic Professional Portraits and LinkedIn Photos

Director headshots for linkedin profilesTrust is a valuable business commodity. Hard won and all too easily lost, most companies employ PR professionals and marketing departments to protect their brand.

For individuals and organisations, personal presentation is an important element of their marketing mix. Clients, employers and potential customers will often check personal details: from your company ‘about us’ page to your LinkedIn and Social Media profiles.

Building trust requires your portrait to be an accurate, professional and honest representation of who you are.

With digital images open to easy manipulation, how much ‘photoshop airbrushing’ is consistent with authenticity?

Professional Portrait: Professional Identity

The portraitist Lucian Freud remarked that, “the aura given out by a person or object is as much a part of them as their flesh”.

Capturing aura (or character) is the foundation of authenticity. To communicate authenticity your first question should be: what is my or my company’s professional ‘character’. Branding: corporate and personal, has become vitally important in a world where assessments of character are made through virtual media rather than physical meetings.

Both photographer and subject need determine what to communicate to the audience and prepare accordingly. Decide on attire, location and style. Recognise that no single image can communicate everything. Your welcoming LinkedIn photo accompanying an article on online fraud, would be inappropriate. If you need multiple messages: you need a suite of portraits to communicate authentically.

Corporate Portraits: Alternative Realities

Corporate Headshots Services LondonThe camera lies.

Or more accurately, the camera does not record pictures in the same way humans do. The unflinching, uncompromising monocular gaze of the lens may result in a technically accurate representation: warts and all. But we do not look at people like that. A mechanically captured digital image may not reflect the reality of human experience. To start with most people enjoy binocular vision. And our focal length is closer to 55mm than the standard portrait lens (85mm to 100mm). It means even the geometry of our vision is different to a camera. But perhaps the biggest difference is that we record images over time. We scan a face and build an impression of character based on a series of facial expressions, body language and conversational cues.

Capturing character with a mechanical instrument, like the digital camera, is the challenge you pay a professional for.

Chasing Perfection: ‘Airbrushed’ Portraits

Corporate headshot photographer LondonFrom carefully crafted high-end retouching by experienced photoshop professionals to automated packages, digital images are easily manipulated. We have all seen over-processed aliens with what looks like polished skin. In most cases these ‘hyper-real’ images are the result of over-enthusiastic use of photoshop, automated systems and inexperience.

Our portraits are all post-processed individually, by hand. Any enhancement is consistent with the message you wish to communicate. We will not change your appearance: but temporary spots and stray hairs are removed. We make you look as rested and confident, just as you are when you’ve returned from holiday.

Finally, your portrait will be rendered on many different devices: a variety of desktops, tablets and mobile phones (it may also be printed). To make sure you look your best, we prepare several files optimised for each media.

Mark Grey LRPS is a qualified, award winning portrait photographer based in Covent Garden, London.
For more information on our packages head over to our Prices page, call us on 07764 801420 or email:

Make your Headshots memorable

Location Headshots in LondonStudio headshots are great: lighting is tightly controlled creating portraits that focus is on you as an individual. Clients, employers and colleagues receive clear, straightforward expressions that communicate your character and management style.

So why and when are location headshots needed? If everything can be communicated in studio, why go to extra cost and bother?

The answer is narrative.

Humans are natural problem-solvers. We love to make sense of the world and when presented with an image our minds play with what we see.

Location portraits communicate both character and back-story. It gives the audience more content. The viewer weaves subject and background together to create a narrative. That narrative is informed by experience, culture and interests. It’s a phenomenon that has been exploited by advertisers for years.

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