Who needs a professional headshot?

We all know why actors, celebrities and business leaders need professional headshots. But do students, job-seekers, managers and entrepreneurs? …… Yes. Because there is one thing all these people have in common: the need to communicate. Of course the communications are different. A company director needs to reflect the business brand, whereas a job seeker or manager needs to reflect professional competency. And for career profiles on Linkedin or Spotlight you simply cannot get away with a quick selfie. After all you are competing with professionals with a wide range of backgrounds and experience. And you need to stand out from the crowd.

By investing in photography you invest in your brand, your career, your strengths, your personality. So how much should you invest?

Why use a professional photographer?

A degree in photography teaches more than simply pointing an expensive camera in the right direction and firing off a bunch of exposures. Qualified photographers understand visual communication. It is far more complex creating a ‘great’ picture. There are power-politics to navigate, you need to agree narrative and context and this is all done before the first exposure is taken.

Professional Photography

Professional photographers in the UK belong to one of three trade associations: The Association of Photographers (AoP), The British Institute of Professional Photographers (BIPP) or the National Union of Journalists (NUJ). There are other associations, such as the Royal Photographic Society, that cater for a broad range of committed photographers: from the serious amateur to the professional.

In addition to certification and training, professional trade bodies publish recommended rates: standard day rates for different types of photography. So there are industry standard rates for headshots, which fall into the category: Public Relations (PR) photography.

How much should you be paying for a headshot session?

This is simply down to time and requirement. A marketing department preparing their CEO’s images for an investors’ prospectus or market communication will need more time than a student looking for a decent LinkedIn headshot to support their industrial placement or internship. And an actor’s needs can be equally varied: from a straightforward Spotlight portrait, through to a series of cinematic images to support TV or film auditions.

You are paying for the photographer’s time based on industry standard rates, so the longer you need, the more you will need to invest.

LinkedIn Headshots

A simple LinkedIn headshot session should take no more than half an hour. We are looking to capture an image that sends the right message to your target market: your colleagues, potential employers, clients or boss.

Our 30 minute session provides you with a minimum of 15 web-ready images from which you can select 2 for a full retouch. These images are then supplied in a variety of formats: for web, print & social media. And we also give you colour and monochrome versions of each.

Price for the 30 minute LinkedIn Headshot Session is £80+VAT. If you need more information click here.

Corporate headshots

Our corporate headshot session is an hour long appointment and provides a small library of PR images. These can be used for LinkedIn, Websites, Speaker Profiles and Articles.

You receive a minimum of 30 web-ready images from which you can select 5 for a full retouch. Again, they are prepared for a variety of formats in B&W and colour. We recommend you take the services of a make up artist and stylist: they ensure both your outfits and grooming match the message you wish to communicate.

Price for the 60 minute Corporate Headshot Session is £160+VAT. If you need more information click here.

Director portraits

Director portraits provide a set of 10 PR images that enables your marketing department to respond quickly to requests from editors. The two hour session involves both studio and location imagery. We also recommend the use of a make up artist and stylist. They will help select outfits and make sure you look perfect on set.

Your team will receive a minimum of 60 web-ready images from which 10 may be selected for full retouch. Specific locations can be accommodated for (City, Westminster, Office).

Price for a 120 minute Director Portrait session is £240+VAT If you need more information click here.

Company Location Shoots

Many companies benefit from organising a half or full day location shoot. Again, objective is important: do you simply need to have a consistent look/feel for your ‘our people’ page or does the company need documentary style imagery for websites, publications and sales collateral?

Having a photographer come to your location keeps disruption to a minimum but it can be an expensive luxury if you only need a couple of portraits. Typically the break even point is between 5 – 7 people for a half day and 12 – 15 staff for a full day.

Location shoots are bespoke, so although the rates are: £400 + VAT half day and £800 + VAT for a full day, there will be some adjustments for retouching, assistants, make up and adjustments for volume (40 people will cost more than 15).

Click this link for our guide to a perfect company headshots shoot.

If you would like to know more or to discuss your individual requirements: Contact Us.

Acting Headshots

The only way you will be cast is through a standard acting headshot and there are rules. Casting directors are often faced with sheets containing 40 thumbnail headshots. Your image has to stand out, simply to get through the first stage. But it does have to conform to some standard ‘rules’.

It has to be an honest representation: it has to look like you. Heavily photoshopped or specially lit images from flattering angles may get you in the door. But you will be wasting everyone’s time if the image isn’t an honest representation.

It has to be current. Your drama school graduation images from ten years ago just will not do. You need to be updating your shots regularly.

It needs to be neutral: let the casting director do their job. Don’t put on a face or be ‘too actorly’. Be natural, be you.

At the same time you need to communicate an inner strength. And this is done through the eyes. Make your character work for you.

Have variety, two images are too few, ten too many. and have them taken around the same time. With different poses/angles. Casting Directors need to see your bad side!

Stage Door

We have a number of easy to understand packages and pricing. Our stage door is exactly that: images for new/aspiring actors for their Spotlight profiles. The package provides a minimum of 20 web ready images from which you can select 2 for full retouch. The retouch is sparing: removing any temporary rashes and loose hairs. We then provide in both black and white plus colour in all the relevant formats: Social Media, Website, Spotlight & Print.

Cost for the Stage Door Package: £80+VAT For more details contact us

Casting pro

A more complete shoot providing you with a platform to showcase your emotional range and the different angles/looks a casting director needs when selecting you for audition.

What you’ll get: Promotional Shoot, Monochrome ( B&M) plus Colour, Location or Studio, A minimum of 150 images, Select from 60 , Image review, 5 fully retouched images, Prepared for Spotlight, Equility, Web& Printing

Cost for the Casting Pro Package:  £160+VAT For more details contact us

US Cinematic

For actors looking for screen and film work, we provide a portfolio of dynamic, arresting, images. In addition to standard headshots required by casting directors we work with you on a series of images that look like on set still photographs. Useful when going for specific film genres.

Our US Cinematic Promotional Shoot, provides you with: Monochrome ( B&M) plus Colour, Location or Studio, A minimum of 250 images, Select from 100 , Image review, 8 fully retouched images, Prepared for Spotlight, Equity, Web & Printing.

Cost for our US Cinematic Package: £300+VAT For more details contact us.

Professional headshot prices London

As a professional headshot can make such an important statement about you, we always recommend checking out any photographers reviews and feedback relating to their work. Our reviews and testimonials both on Google and Trustpilot are second to none. The satisfaction of each one of our clients is an expression of the dedication and professional approach we take to every headshot shoot. Getting the right results that you are happy and more than satisfied with is of the utmost importance to us. In this way our success is simply a reflection of the satisfaction of each one of our clients. We do our best to make every photo session an uplifting and engaging experience for every client followed by the delivery of great photos.

As time passes you may want to update your photos in order to represent your current look and aspirations.

As the use and reference to social networks has become a major part of life and business these days it is important to reflect the best image of yourself where ever you possibly can. As your photo is the first impression you give to the world why not make the most of it.

That’s why professional photography sessions can have the power to present more than just an image, when taken correctly is can express your personality that is 100% unique to you.

Professional headshots tell a story. Let us be a part of yours !

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