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The importance of professional photos:

what your LinkedIn Headshot says about you.

Personal branding is so important if you want to progress up the career ladder and the best place to get noticed is LinkedIn – the social network employers use to find new employees.


This platform allows you to show an in-depth breakdown of your professional skills, experience and strengths to a world of high-power employers. However, keep in mind that your wealth of experience or gleaming personal statement isn’t the first thing that these employers will see: it’s your face.

Showing your face to the world

For many looking to hire, the first thing they notice is your LinkedIn profile picture. This is the aspect of your profile that immediately stands out, so it’s crucial that the way you’re presented is sharp and professional. This image makes up part of your first impression, and can determine whether or not your future boss stays long enough to read through your credentials.


The image needs to emanate trust and reliability, which is why so many LinkedIn accounts integrate corporate headshots to not only appear professional, but also make sure they’re attracting the right employers.

Corporate Headshot for LinkedIn
Corporate Headshot for LinkedIn

Who you are and what you represent

Corporate headshots help to convey not only what your expertise is and what you do, but also who you are as a person. A corporate headshot needn’t be a formal black-and-white portrait of you looking stern in a suit – especially not if you’re aspiring to build a career in a more creative sector such as graphic design or blogging.


A bright, striking image catches the eye immediately and lets people know that you’re serious about what you do – whatever that may be.


Your LinkedIn profile visitors need to see a face, and it may be that the only images you can provide of yourself are too informal to strike the right note for a professional profile. Often the lens quality on good consumer cameras isn’t good enough to produce professional headshots. So your home-made portrait photo will struggle to instil confidence in employers – and let’s not talk about all the holiday and nightclub profile pics that are more suited to facebook than a professional networking site.

The personal branding you can achieve through LinkedIn is too valuable to be tarnished by an unprofessional photo. An expert photographer, with their vast amounts of industry experience, will be able to capture your confidence and reliability.


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The price that you pay for a great headshot is nothing compared to the price of losing out on all those potential opportunities. Keep your LinkedIn presentable, because you never know when your face could land you the role of a lifetime.


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